Land Clearing

Malvern Tree Stump Removal provide expert land clearing in Western Suburbs for Housing / Commercial Development, Fire Breaks, Power Lines, Fence Lines, and Roads. We have the latest equipment and experience to complete any task safely, professionally and at a moderate cost.

Our comprehensive expert land clearing services include:

  • On-site mulching and wood chipping that you can reuse

  • Complete site clearing for housing development

  • Bushland maintenance to reduce potential fire breaks

  • Storm clearing and tree disposal

  • Root and stump extraction to avoid damage to electrical wires, pipes, or other utilities

  • Stump grinding to the point where you can repurpose the land

Land clearing is a tough and almost impossible task if you don’t have the right tools and equipment, so why not hand over the job to the professionals? Malvern Tree Stump Removal can clear large

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