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Trees are a fantastic extension to any garden. They give valuable shade on hot days, add delicacy to our surroundings, and they are necessary to our happiness.

But trees that have not properly pruned can be annoying. They can block driveways and paths, fill sewer with leaves, stop light coming through windows, create unpleasant noise. It can become much more appalling if they enter into contact with electrical and other cables. And loose branches caused by severe storms and heavy winds are outright unsafe.

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Tree pruning includes the removal of branches that are no longer valuable. Tree pruning is carried out for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To enhance the overall health of a tree

  • To help control the direction of new growth and provide shape to a tree

  • To help prevent the spread of disease

  • To rid a tree of dead branches

  • To enhance air circulation

  • To allow light to reach places not previously possible (inner and lower leaves)

  • To improve overall aesthetics

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